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Digital OOH Inventory Management

Streamlining Out-of-Home Media Management with the Inventory Management Tool

Lumo, one of the world’s most creative and innovative Digital Out-Of-Home companies, faced the challenge of managing sales processes, inventory management systems, and invoicing procedures for out-of-home media owners. These processes were inefficient, time-consuming, and not integrated, making it difficult to access and utilise data in an effective manner.

To address this challenge, Latch developed a custom Inventory Management tool designed specifically for Lumo. This tool acts as the central hub and seamlessly integrates all functions, making it the “brain” behind the entire operation. The tool offers a dashboard providing a breakdown of campaign figures, including annual, monthly, quoted, and booked figures, and a breakdown of booked campaigns vs budgets. Additionally, the tool offers an interactive map of active sites and a breakdown of revenue by site vs month, providing real-time visibility into all operations.

The results of implementing the Inventory Management tool have been a game-changer for Lumo. The integration of sales processes, inventory management systems, and invoicing procedures has resulted in an efficient and streamlined solution. The tool has allowed Lumo to better organise their data, making it more accessible and faster. The automatic monthly invoicing feature has saved time and reduced the potential for manual errors, and the Xero integration has streamlined the financial process even further. The reporting features have also provided valuable insights into the business, including average occupancy by site, discount by site, and revenue reports.

In conclusion, the Inventory Management tool has provided Lumo with a comprehensive solution for out-of-home media owners, streamlining their operations and providing valuable insights into their business. Latch is committed to continuously improving the tool to meet the evolving needs of Lumo and the industry.