Outdoor Network // Inventory Management // BOOHST

Streamlining OOH Inventory Management

Outdoor Network, a group of independent out-of-home media companies in New Zealand, needed a way to streamline their inventory management process across multiple locations. That’s where Latch came in, creating BOOHST, a custom inventory management system that has revolutionised Outdoor Network’s operations.

With a range of features including a financial dashboard, interactive map of active sites, and availability through their network, BOOHST has made managing inventory a breeze. The CRM feature enables agencies and direct clients to view contact information and agency commissions, while the proposal feature allows for easy creation and booking of campaigns.

Automatic monthly invoicing and Xero integration have streamlined the invoicing process, and the reporting feature provides valuable insights into revenue streams and occupancy by site. The system is user-friendly with a 2-factor verification login and email notifications.

Overall, BOOHST has saved Outdoor Network time and reduced errors while improving their bottom line and keeping them competitive in the industry.